E2E Performance Testing tool

  • JAnalyser

    JAnalyser is a cloud based E2E Performance testing tool built over JMeter.
  • Technology

    JAnalyser is a platform which integrates various open source components to make it powerful , easy and productive. JAnalyser integrates JMeter, Graphana/ELK , Slack , Jenkins/Bamboo and manage the infra over Amazon Web Services along with customized solution for E2E testing. It also use Amazon Spots, S3 to minimize the costing

  • CI (Continueous Integration)

    JAnalyser provides facility to make JAnalyser as part of development lifecycle. JAnalyser supports agile methodology and it allows to automatically run E2E Peformance testing as per schedules.

  • Notifications

    JAnalyser automatically send test status notification to Slack. It also allows to configure any API based Bot.

  • Data Security

    Data security is our priority. JAnalyser runs in customer AWS environment . All the data stores in customer S3.

  • Costing

    Apart from JAnalyser implimentation, running test using JAnalyser is very cheap. Based on the test requirements, JAnalyer create AWS Spots on demand. An average each test execution costs in the range of $0.16 - $1.17

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